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A Trusted Brand Starts with Quality Products

420 Distillate & Isolate is a business to business processing and extraction company with a vested interest in health and wellness. Our services also go well beyond processing and extraction to producing quality products for our customers using their own grown hemp plants oil. 

At 420 Distillate & Isolate we understand the importance of cutting cost to maximize profit. Outsourcing the processing, extraction and product formulations of your hemp plants not only cut cost and maximize profit but it allows you to focus on other areas of business such as customer service, marketing and growth. Once plants are delivered to our facilities, we begin processing your order within 1 to 2 business days. Turnaround times are confirmed at point of sale

Maintain Brand Integrity & Grow Your Business with Quality Products

White Label

We are a processing and extraction company that grows its own hemp to produce quality, organic products for business to business sells. We have readily available white label products for purchase on our site, and we also offer product customization.

Processing & Extraction

We're one of few licensed and certified facilities in the State of North Carolina focused on whole-plant, non-psychotropic (less than 0.03%) cannabinoid extraction and product development. We have a staff of trained experts capable of producing pure, consistent and potent whole-plant extractions with no residual solvents.

On-Site Facilities

Never worry about where your CBD oil comes from and its potential exposure to various elements. Our laboratory is located in a fully equipped research facility in Kannapolis, NC and is approved for Processing, Extraction, CBD production and sales.

Quality Testing

Every product goes through a 3rd party quality check after processing to ensure you’re receiving pure CBD Oil packed with cannabinoids, terpenes and all the goodness of hemp. Each product is delivered with a Quality report from a reputable 3rd party lab. 

100% Organic
No Artificial Flavors
0.03% THC or Less
CO2 Extraction
3rd Party Tested 
Grown in the USA

Best Sellers

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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